The Art of Committing Errors- Erasers

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve had a childhood and have used erasers all my life” and “What else can there be to learn about erasers” and my absolutely favorite” It’s not like it’s rocket science.” But what if I were to tell you that it is like rocket science.

Okay you’re right, choosing an eraser isn’t exactly rocket science but there is an art to it that you probably don’t know. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably been grabbing the first one off the shelf at the stationary store. It doesn’t hurt when we look at the price and choose the cheapest of them all too. After all, it’ s just an eraser. They all perform the same function, don’t they?

Absolutely wrong!

Mistakes That Get Messy Real Fast

Even way before I figured out the art to choosing an eraser, I knew they were not all made equal. The most common habit that we have is to just buy any eraser especially the cheapest one. Except that on more than one occasion, when randomly selecting an eraser, has done more harm than good.

Now, I know that I hated making a mistake, putting my trust in an eraser to do its function, and I am left with a pink blotchy mess. The result of this? Frustration and starting over from scratch because when your teacher tells you that she won’t accept any untidy work, she means business.

4 Signs You’ve Found a Good Eraser

When we venture out to buy any product there are certain qualities that we look for to ensure it’s up to our caliber. The same is true for choosing an eraser. It should be a picky exercise because the difference an eraser makes in correcting your mistakes is well worth it. Here are four signs that you want to look for when you choose an eraser:


  • A good eraser is judged by its primary function, that of Since this is its main function, this should be the ultimate judge of whether your eraser is good enough. As the example given earlier states, no one wants to have an eraser that leaves smudges all over your work, making it untidy and unacceptable by the teacher. At Mr. Pen, we provide top quality erasers that are perfect for its function.

  • While performing its business, you want to choose an eraser that has the least traumatic effect on your paper. If there is anything more frustrating than handing in a paper with smudges, it’s handing in a paper with tears made by your eraser. Your eraser is meant to fix the problem, not exaggerate it. You can find the best erasers that glide on your paper with gentle grace by clicking here.
  • When performing the task of erasing, you want to avoid any pieces of rubber on your paper. It gets all over your paper, all over your workstation and the floor, leaving a mess. The residue left from using an eraser can be a turn off as you end up having to shuck the lingering traces into a dustbin.
  • Look for an eraser that can last you for a while. It is such a disappointing feeling when you find an eraser that you finally like and it’s finished before you even got the chance to fully appreciate it. An eraser should not wear down very quickly, leaving you with the feeling that you did not truly get your money’s worth.


The 5 Main Types of Erasers

There are 5 main types of erasers that you can choose from. Depending on the work you’re doing, one may be more suitable for different reasons.

  1. Gum Eraser: The name is reminiscent of the gummy texture of this type of eraser. This is also referred to as Art Gum Erasers and is made of rubber which crumbles as you begin to use it. The crumbs may pose a slight problem in getting rid of, but help to erase the graphite off the paper by absorbing it. These brown, translucent erasers usually erase cleanly but lack precision especially when it comes to finer lines. They are a good choice, however, because it is easy to use on most paper surface.

  1. Pencil Eraser: When we hear of pencil erasers, many of us immediately think, “Oh I’m used to that” until we learn that a pencil eraser does not refer to the eraser that comes attached to the tip of your pencil. A pencil eraser is an actual eraser pencil also called “erasil” and made out of vinyl. You can sharpen and use to erase graphite. This can be harsh on paper though and is best if used for erasing smaller details.

  1. Rubber Eraser: This rubber is undoubtedly the most common since it is the classic eraser. These can be found on No.2 pencils across the world. Although they mostly appear in pink, there are many more colors that they come in. These erasers are also packaged in small wrappers and are similar in function as the gum eraser. The rubber eraser is however much more precise than the gum eraser and tends to cause less damage than the pencil eraser.

  1. Kneaded Eraser: The kneaded eraser may be a lot of fun for some children especially since they get to reshape this eraser almost like play dough. This clears graphite by picking up the pigments off the paper. This can be shaped into a point to give more precision. Be careful though as this eraser does tend to get sticky after a while.

  1. Vinyl Eraser: These hard erasers are usually referred to as “plastic erasers.” They are usually the first choice for drafters because it is accurate in erasing graphite and details from the paper. It even has the capability to erase some pen marks. However, as a result of its hardness, you may want to be gentle with this one to avoid paper damage.

At Mr. Pen, we provide you with a selection of the best erasers for whatever work you have to do. Quality erasers are provided at a reasonable cost for office and school supply. An eraser is handy to keep around. Don’t you just wish some mistakes in life could be obliterated with one of our erasers? While that one has not come into invention as yet, in the meantime, get your erasers for life’s most erasable moments at Mr. Pen by clicking here.

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