8 Essential Accessories for Bible Studying

8 Essential Accessories for Bible Studying

Make the Most of Your Bible Studying Sessions With the Help of These 8 Accessories

When it comes to studying the Bible, there are many different ways and methods to do it. Some people like to read it straight through, from beginning to end and some people might find it difficult to focus and keep track of what they are reading or just like to take smaller passages and focus on them in-depth. It can be achieved by taking small notes for later studying and references, highlighting the important words and verses with bright colors for the eyes to spot them easier, marking different chapters using tabs for quick access, or leaving a bookmark on the last page read. No matter which method you choose, there are some handy accessories that can make your studying easier and more effective. From highlighters to bookmarks and tabs, these are 8 accessories that can help you better understand the Bible and get more out of each time you study in a fun and enjoyable way.

⦁ Bible Highlighters

It's happened to all of us that we're reading our Bible, and we come across a verse that really speaks to us. It feels like God is right there with us, speaking directly to us. But then we put the book down, and we can't remember what that verse was or where it was in the Bible. Luckily, there's a solution for that! Bible highlighters can help you keep track of your favorite verses, making it easy to find them again later. Bible highlighters are perfect for highlighting your favorite Scriptures without fear of smearing or bleeding through to the other side.


⦁ Bible Tabs

Using Bible tabs is a helpful way to easily find the passages you're looking for. Just attach them to the pages of your Bible, flip through them and quickly find the section of Scripture that you're looking for without having to worry about flipping through hundreds of pages. By making it faster to find your place, bible tabs also give you more time to focus on what God is saying to you.

Bible Tabs

⦁ Bookmarks

It’s always important to know what the last page of the Bible you studied was. Or, you might want to mark a specific page so that you could refer to it easier and much quicker. That’s when bookmarks come in handy. These accessories are available in different shapes and designs and you can easily find your favorite to mark your pages.


⦁ Journaling Pens

Bible journaling is a creative technique that can be used to immerse yourself in the Scripture and keep up your spirituality. Using non-bleed pens that are specifically designed for bible journaling, you can write down important notes and inspirations or draw pictures in the margin space as you read through each passage. This makes you more focused and your inspirational thoughts are reinforced. Bible journaling pens come in different colors, so you can easily mark different passages.

Bible Pens

⦁ Pencil Pouches and Cases

A pencil pouch can make it much more convenient for you to carry all of the accessories you use while studying the Bible. It keeps all of your highlighters, pens, bookmarks and sticky notes safe and helps you never lose them or leave them behind. Depending on the number of accessories you have, you can choose small pouches which are more compact and portable or bigger ones which give you more room to store your items securely.

Pencil Pouches

⦁ Sticky Notes

You might love to take notes and add more stories to your Bible. While there are some Bibles that offer some additional space for writing down notes, some are more compact and not that suitable for this task. That’s why you can use sticky notes. You can take notes that are much easier to read and attach them near their related verses, without having to write in between them. This way, you’ll keep your Bible clean and free from any untidy notes. You can even find any of your writings much easier and quicker.

Sticky Notes

⦁ Bible Cover

It's nice to be able to carry your Bible and all of your other necessary church supplies with ease wherever you go. A bible cover not only helps you carry all your Bible materials but also has enough room for keeping all of your bible accessories organized. Moreover, it’s a perfect solution to protect your holy book from getting damaged or dirty. 

Bible Covers

⦁ Page Magnifier

You might have poor eyesight, or you might just want to read the verses much clearer and without having to focus too much, especially if you have a Bible with a small text font. In either case, having a page magnifying lens is an excellent idea. While you can use normal magnifying glasses, page magnifiers are much more suitable for magnifying a large portion of the page. You also have the option to get the ones with LED lights to continue your Bible studying through the night.

Magnifier Glass

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