Review of Mr. Pen’s Daily Christian Planner

Review of Mr. Pen’s Daily Christian Planner

Mr. Pen’s new Daily Christian Planner is sturdy, attractive, and inspiring according to Nicki Drake of Crazy Simple Truth Ministries. 

The navy blue cover is adorned with a colorful floral wreath and a biblical quote: “Give us each day our daily bread.” The inside includes 365 pages of prayer, encouragement and reflection. Printed on premium, thick paper to minimize bleed-through from most pens, the double wire heavy-duty binding also allows the daily journal to lay completely flat for ease of writing. 

Nicki praised both the useable size (it’s 8.5 X 6.5 inch) which makes it easy to carry around, the high-quality paper, and the beautiful cover. It’s pretty enough for Nicki to display on her living room shelf and features an inspirational - but not overwhelming - message. 

A note that comes with the journal suggests ways to use it: 

·      Before starting your day, remind yourself of the good news and your identity in Christ

·      Meditate on the verse of the day

·      Read a few verses before and after the verse of the day for context

·      Before going to bed, write your to-do list for the next day, pray and write what you are thankful for on that day. 

“Sometimes with certain prompting journals, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but this feels like something I could easily keep up with every day, it’s not too complicated,” Nicki said. “It’s almost like a daily reflection guide” 

Mr. Pen’s “excellent” customer service is another reason to look to its product line for bible study tools, she added. 

“Everything is refundable, no questions asked,” Nicki said. “For any reason at all, if you don’t like what you ordered from them, they will give you your money back, which I think is the most amazing thing!” 

Nicki’s other favorite Mr. Pen products include the black felt tip markers, which she uses for bible study; gold and rose gold-colored cross-shaped clips to mark bible pages; and bible sticker tabs, that she plans to use in a new bible. 

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