3 Products You'll Need From Mr.Pen on Vacation

3 Products You'll Need From Mr.Pen on Vacation

Every time you go on vacation, you'll want to make sure you have these 3 products from Mr.Pen on hand to help you keep track of your trip. 

Plus, these will make great gifts for the friends and family back home that are going to miss you while you're away! Here's what we've got for you:

1) Map Pins 

Traveling is fun, but with new technology and advancements, things have become more and more digitized. Who doesn’t love good old nostalgia though, right? 

Grab your favorite map on your next road trip and your new Mr. Pen Map Pins for a fun and unique twist on traveling. Everytime you visit a new place, or something special happens, drop a pin on your map! 

2) Wire Hangers

Be prepared during your trip by keeping extra hangers in your suitcase and while traveling. 

When you're headed out of town, don't worry about using up all your hangers because you've got extras! Mr. Pen makes it easy to travel light with his high-quality and durable Mr. Pen- Wire Hangers. If space is tight, these are the perfect size for you!

3) Journal

While there are plenty of great apps out there for note-taking, there’s just something so satisfying about holding a pen and physically writing your ideas, thoughts, and memories down that can’t be replicated by tapping a keyboard or swiping an iPad screen. 

While you’re vacation, don’t forget your Mr. Pen- Primary Journal so you can write down your favorite memories to look back on and read through! 

With these 3 products from Mr. Pen, there’s no way you can go wrong on vacation! 

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