Top 5 Online Math Resources





It is so important for students to not only develop a deep understanding of math concepts starting when they are young, but for them also to develop a love for learning math concepts!



We have created a list of 5 incredible and free resources that can greatly benefit your child and their procedural and conceptual understanding. These resources provide fun, engaging, and educational activities, games, instructional videos, and worksheets to help your learner thrive!











Duck Duck Moose Apps (Pre-Kindergarten- Grade 2)

Duck Duck Moose is a nonprofit that has a mission to provide free, world-class education for everyone, anywhere by creating fun and engaging educational apps. There are numerous apps that contain games and activities that align with the key math concepts from the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards. Some of the math specific education apps are: Pet Bingo, Moose Math, Park Math, and Fish School.








Math Game Time (Kindergarten- Grade 7)

Math Game Time provides game based learning through fun, educational games. There are also instructional videos and printable worksheets available as well! Students are able to search for games by grade level or subjects/concepts that they wish to have more practice on. THis is a great resource for homework help and additional, beneficial, and fun practice.








Zearn (Grades 1-5)

Zearn is a nonprofit curriculum publisher and software developer whose goal is to make an engaging program that instills a love for learning math in students! This online program aligns with Eureka math (a Pre-K- grade 12 math top-rated curriculum) and is free, differentiated, and self-paced. This online resource makes math fun, engaging, and accessible for all learners! A free account with Zearn gives you access to 800+ digital lessons with instructional videos, precise feedback, and multiple representations to develop a deep understanding of concepts.








Khan Academy (Pre-K – Grade 12 & Beyond)

Khan Academy is a nonprofit that aims to provide free high quality education for all students. This online program provides a variety of education resources including instructional videos, a personalized learning dashboard, and countless practice exercises for any and all topics. Khan academy also has test preparation content to prepare students for the SAT, Praxis, or LSAT.








Open Middle (Pre-K – Grade 12)

Open Middle encourages an “open middle” approach to solving a problem, which means that there are multiple ways and approaches to get to the right answer! Open Middle aligns with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and helps students develop a deeper procedural and conceptual understanding. This program provides numerous activities and practice problems for the concepts within CCSS from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade!

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