Design Easter Eggs With Crafts from Mr. Pen

Design Easter Eggs With Crafts from Mr. Pen 

With Easter just around the corner, kids are going to be hunting high and low for colorful plastic eggs full of candy, toys, and surprises. 

When you’re in charge of hiding the eggs and organizing the egg hunt, it can be tempting to buy store-bought eggs that were mass-produced specifically for Easter rather than try your hand at creating your own unique designs to hide and find. 

With these crafts from Mr. Pen, you’ll be able to quickly and easily design beautiful Easter eggs that will make the search more fun than ever before!

1) What You’ll Need 

  1. Plastic Bag
  2. Mr. Pen Markers
  3. Eggs
  4. Egg Carton 

2) Designing Your Egg

  1. There are different ways you can go about designing your eggs. The first way is with simple designs to show off your artistic skills! For this, you’ll only need your Mr. Pen Markers! Have fun and design them any way you’d like. 
  1. For a more tie-dye effect, try this design! Start by coloring on the plastic sandwich bag with your favorite colors, scribble around and have fun with it.
  2. Next, dip your egg and water and move your egg around inside of the bag. 
  1. Finally, carefully take your egg out, place it back in the egg carton to dry for about 60 minutes, and you’re all done!

3) Turn It Into A Game 

Want to take the Easter cheer even further? Don’t stop at the DIY Eggs! Turn this fun DIY project into a game with a big easter egg hunt!

The person who finds the most DIY’d eggs wins the game!

Happy Easter and Happy Hunting! 

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