10 Amazing Paper Clip Life Hacks You Didn’t Know

Learn How to Turn Paper Clips Into Fully Functioning Tools With These Simple Paper Clip Life Hacks

Paper clips…those tiny metal tools we all have in our stuff for organizing papers and documents, whether at home, at work, or at school. To be honest, they do their job pretty well, but the thing is, paper clips’ uses in our everyday lives are not limited to just attaching and stacking papers, unlike what many people would think. They may look small and simple, but they can be real life-savers when you’re desperately looking for a solution to the trouble you are in. Read this article through the end as we show you some of the hidden uses of paper clips in 10 useful paper clip life hacks, as well as the best options to buy.

⦁ Fix your broken zipper

We all know how frustrating it is when your zipper pull breaks, especially when you’re not home to replace it with a new one. Well, guess what? You can easily use a paper clip to replace the zipper pull and continue your day without any worries. Simply insert the paper clip through the hole on your zipper and easily zip and unzip by pulling the paper clip.

⦁ Create your own bookmark

Since paper clips and papers are old buddies, you can use paper clips to design your very own bookmark. Just take a paper clip and glue a tiny decoration like a colorful button, a small figure, a beautiful piece of ribbon, or even a little origami crane you just made to it.

⦁ Set up a simple phone stand

Use a big paper clip to make a quick stand for your phone whenever you feel like watching a video and don’t want to hold your phone the whole time. Just straighten all the bends of the paper clip and reshape it into a U-shaped cradle that you can put your phone in the middle of it. To make a sturdier stand, you can use 2 paper clips to hold your phone.

⦁ Prevent your wrapping paper from unraveling

Wrapping paper rolls tend to get untidy and get ripped edges, especially after you use a piece and decide to store the rest for later use. But you can easily stop them from being messy by securing the ends of the tube using paper clips, and this way, you will never have to use tapes that damage your wrapping papers again.

⦁ Mark the end of the tape roll

There is no way you ever wanted to use some tape without having to spend a lot of time searching for its end. With this simple hack, you never have to waste a lot of time when you are in a hurry. It’s effortless! Just stick a paper clip to the end of the tape roll and never lose the end again.

⦁ Use a paper clip as a SIM eject tool

These days, phones come with SIM card trays that only pop out using the dedicated SIM eject tool that comes in the box, but what if you don’t have that tiny little tool that can get lost easily? Well, just use a paper clip! Unfold one end of the clip, insert the tip into the SIM card ejector hole, and press it firmly until the tray pops out.

⦁ Seal opened food packages

It happens very often that you have opened a bag of chips, didn’t finish it all the way, and wanted to keep it fresh for later. Don’t waste your money on advertised food package ties; and instead, fold the opened end of the package and use a couple of paper clips to seal it off.

⦁ Clear clogged holes

Whether it’s a salt shaker, water spray, hair gel dispenser, or glue tube, you can unclog the opening using the pointy tip of an unbent paper clip to break the blockage of the holes up, fast and easy.

⦁ Keep money organized

Ever afraid of losing money on a trip anytime you’re trying to take some out of your pocket when shopping? Solve the problem by sliding a paper clip over your bills and enjoy the rest of your day.

⦁ Hang ornaments and lightweight decoratives

Have you ever run out of ornament hooks in the middle of decorating your Christmas tree? Yes, we feel you. But next time this annoying problem happens, don’t fret because you can simply use paper clips as an alternative to hanging Christmas ornaments, pictures, figures, and other lightweight decoratives to your Christmas tree.

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