How to Boost Your Productivity Using a Whiteboard

Find Out How to Make the Most of a Simple Whiteboard to Improve Your Efficiency in Your Everyday Life

Have you ever thought about how cool whiteboards are? You have a wide plain surface that you can quickly write on and wipe clean right after, whether it is hung on the wall, set on the desk, or stuck to your fridge. There are various situations where whiteboards come in super handy in your everyday life, like writing down important notes or recipes when you’re at home, presenting your ideas and graphs in the office, engaging students of different grades in the learning process at school, or even making studying fun for your little ones at home. And guess what? You can do all of these without wasting even the smallest piece of paper, which is a considerable step towards saving trees and thus our beloved planet. Stick with us to the end of this article as we guide you through different uses of whiteboards and their related accessories to enhance your productivity and help you purchase the perfect options on the market.

Write down your notes, reminders, and goals on your whiteboard

It frequently happens to us when we need to write down some important notes as soon as possible. For instance, you’re busy talking on the phone and need to write down some information or a phone number the person on the phone is telling you, or you’re watching TV, and you hear something interesting like a new recipe, so you want to write it down before it slips your mind to be able to cook a tasty meal later.
Living in the 21st century is a really challenging deal due to our hectic lifestyles. There are lots of distractions out there, and trying to remember all the tasks you have to do every day without procrastination could be very tricky, but when your to-do list is displayed in front of your eyes on a relatively large surface that is placed on your desktop or your fridge door, you won’t have to force your mind to memorize it and just with a glance, you can easily get reminded of everything you’re supposed to do every day.
Moreover, it is scientifically proven that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your life goals and dreams if you write them down, so why not write them down on a big surface in your room, so they’re always right in front of you and keep you motivated? Using a whiteboard, you have the option to constantly revise what you have previously written or add more stuff to it, and that’s why whiteboards are one of the best options to keep track of your goals and routines.

Use whiteboards for educational purposes

The process of teaching and learning has always been bound with writing and drawing, but using paper and pens sometimes could be tedious and exhausting, especially to the younger students. By giving them the option to use whiteboards instead of the old-school methods, on which they can freely release their imaginations and clean their mistakes without any difficulties, you can help them develop more creativity and increase their productivity while reducing the troubles of using pencils and erasers. In addition to larger whiteboards, mini whiteboards could be a great option if you’re going to practice school lessons with your kids and need a more portable and compact writing surface.

Use whiteboards at your workplace

There are several ways you can benefit from having a whiteboard in your workplace. From writing announcements on the wall so every office member could get notified and drawing graphs and statistics with their specific details in real-time in a meeting about the company’s growth to presenting new ideas and projects to your team members, whiteboards can be a real game-changer. Whiteboards could also display more information at once, taking advantage of the large area where you can write and draw your ideas.

Tips to improve your experience with whiteboards

There is no way you can use a whiteboard without markers. While black, blue, and red markers are the most commonly used colors, we suggest using colorful markers to write your notes in a more organized way, make learning more enjoyable for your little kids by giving them the option of using a variety of colors while studying, draw more detailed graphs with different colors for a more straight-forward presentation, color-code your reminders when you’re writing down your weekly schedule and ultimately elevate your overall productivity level.
Alongside markers, you are going to need a good eraser to clean your whiteboard smoothly and comfortably. If you go with a magnetic one, your eraser is always attached to the board and ready to use and will never get lost.
Finally, to make the most of your experience with whiteboards, you can also use magnetic push pins and sticky notes. Using magnetic push pins, you can attach any type of notes, paper, or pictures to the whiteboard and use sticky notes to add additional color-coded notes to your previous writings on your whiteboard.

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