How to Help Your Kids with Homework!

Most parents can agree that trying to get a child to do their homework after a 7-hour school day seems nearly impossible most nights. Homework can seem daunting for some children, especially if they have a learning disability or they are not confident in the material at hand.

Parents should do their best to encourage and coach rather than nag and micromanage. Here are a few tips to help your students tackle their homework so school nights can go smoother!


#1: Allow time for your student to decompress.

Most students need at least 30 minutes to recharge after spending 7 hours focused and studious. Encourage your child to do something they enjoy like play outside, play with their toys, or share about their day. Also, try to have a healthy snack waiting for them when they get home to help them stay focused and hold off their hunger until dinner. After they are recharged and refocused, they will be ready to tackle their homework in a short amount of time!

#2: Have an allotted homework space.

It is important to set up a workspace that is designated for homework time. Some children need complete silence to focus, while others will get distracted if left in their quiet bedroom to work. Some children can work independently, and some will need assistance every so often. This chosen environment will depend completely on your child and their needs, and also the culture and routine of your family. This workspace should also be well-lit and have basic supplies in reach such as loose-leaf paper, pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, and glue.

#3: Stay in contact with your child’s teacher.

By staying in contact with your child’s teacher, you will have more of an idea of how your child is doing with their schoolwork, what they need more practice with, and what is expected of them. Their teacher may also have a list of resources that you can access that demonstrate strategies and methods to help you better assist your child with their homework.

#4: Be your child’s biggest cheerleader!

It is very important to stay calm, positive, and encouraging during the homework process! Students tend to feel incapable and become discouraged if teachers or parents seem annoyed, impatient, or frustrated while assisting them. Try to stay positive and not complain about how much you don’t like homework, because then they will have the same attitude and not want to get it done! Feel free to emphasize with them if they vent about their work, but try to do so in a productive way such as, “wow, that is a lot of work for tonight… I know it seems overwhelming, but we will get through it! You are so smart and capable!”

#5: Set a good example.

Children naturally look up to their parents and admire their efforts. When children see their parents having a strong work ethic and staying organized and positive with their duties and work, they will more likely develop this same sense of motivation to get work done!


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