Must Have Tools on Amazon

You may know us as the company that sells school and office supplies… But did you know we also sell tools? Not just mediocre tools, but high quality tools that are essential to your household!

Here is a list of some of our favorites tools to keep at home:

Small Hammer, 8oz

This compact hammer is only 8oz! It’s size and components make it easy to store, carry, and work with. It’s made from high density carbon steel- so it's very durable and won't rust. It even has a magnetic nail starter for a hands free (and painless) start!

Garden Shears, 8 inch

These lightweight shears are perfect for all your gardening needs, making pruning an easy chore! These garden shears are ergonomically designed with a non-slip comfort grip handle, and very durable. They feature a safe and secure sideways locking mechanism that keeps your blades protected and closed when not in use. These shears are able to cut up to a ¾ inch diameter tree branch.

Socket Wrench, 10 inch

This is a 10 inch long dual direction gear ratchet with ½ inch drive. It has a finger touch flip switch that provides easy reversing of the turn direction, and has a high-quality comfort grip handle. This socket wrench is made of forged chrome vanadium steel and is heat treated for extra strength for heavy duty applications.

Packing Tape Dispenser

This heavy-duty, yet lightweight, tape dispenser is perfect for all your taping needs! It has a comfortable handle and a sharp steel blade that ensures a straight clean cut every time. This tape gun fits 2inch wide tape and features an easy and safe loading and smooth unrolling design.

Adjustable Wrench, 6 inch

Our 6 inch adjustable wrench is made from heat treated carbon steel, making it extremely durable and corrosion resistant. It is etched with both SAE standard and Metric sizes for quick fastener identification! It’s hex-shaped jaw opens up to ¾ inch (19mm). We also have an 8 inch adjustable wrench if you want a longer handle.

Wire Cutters, 6 inch

These flush-cut wire cutters can cut all kinds of wire up to 1.3mm. They are made from heat-treated carbon steel to provide durability and a long life! These also have non slip comfort hand grips for precision and control.

Combination Square, 12 inch

This combination square is heavy duty, durable, rust-proof, and precise! It has a spring loaded brass bolt to assure accuracy and features a brass scriber and level. This 12 inch stainless steel blade is marked with precise inch and cm graduation in 1/16, ⅛, and 1/32 inch.

Exacto Knife Kit

This exacto knife kit comes with 3 precision knife handles and 13 fine point blades in different shapes and sizes. These razor sharp premium blades cut through hard materials with ease. The light weight aluminum knife handles allow for an easy, safe, and smooth change blade system.

Hand Drill

This durable hand drill is ideal for wood, plastic beeswax, and small model kits.This drill also comes with 10 different sized hardened stainless steel twist drill bits. The head of the drill easily rotates to clamp and secure the different sized drill bits into place. It’s very convenient to use and has an anti-slip grip making it effortless to make precise holes. 

Wire Stripper

Our wire stripper is made from high carbon steel, making it corrosion resistant and able to last for a lifetime, guaranteed! This super durable wire stripper can cut, strip, and loop copper wire or aluminum cables. It also crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals. Your hand will never become tense or uncomfortable because of the ergonomic soft handle grip and super sharp edge that cuts through wire with ease.

Rotary Cutter, 45mm

With high-grade premium steel rotary blades, cutting through layers of fabric, paper, felt, and vinyl is effortless. The durability of this rotary cutter provides long-lasting sharpness and precision. The handle has a curved, loop-handle design that provides a natural fit for your hand which gives you more control and comfort. There is a sliding button that enables retracting the blade and locking it into a safe position for storage. The blade can also be assembled to either side of the handle- making it perfect for both right- and left-handers!

Pipe Wrench, 10 inch

This pipe wrench has a 10in(250Mm) handle and a 1.5in(40Mm) pipe capacity. It is suitable for all forms of pipe work! This pipe wrench can be used to turn any style pipes, fittings, tees, elbows, hitch balls, and anything with a rounded surface. It can also be used to break rounded/damaged thread nuts, ruined bolts, or rusty pipes. The extra strong and durable  metal handle with the very precise sharp teeth is specially manufactured for long lasting life.

These are just some of the many tools Mr. Pen offers! If you don’t find the tool you are searching for, be sure to check back later because we add new tools every month!

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