Calligraphy Basics with Mr. Pen




Calligraphy Basics with Mr. Pen






Calligraphy is a popular craft because it is fun, affordable, and beautiful!

But if you’re just getting started with calligraphy, it can be a little overwhelming. What are the best tools, systems, and styles to use? Do you have to spend a lot of money to get started? 

Mr. Pen is here to help! Our pens and markers are used by calligraphers worldwide, and we love that you are thinking about getting started with calligraphy!

Here are some of the basic tips and tricks that you can use as you get started. 




Find Great Online Calligraphy Resources



There are many styles of calligraphy for you to choose from, ranging from formal calligraphy to beautiful “hand lettering.” Hand lettering means that you are not just writing letters but drawing them as well. 

A lot of your calligraphy experience will depend on which style you want to pursue. The options are endless! 

You can find many calligraphy and hand lettering resources online, including YouTube tutorials, online calligraphy classes, and Pinterest ideas. This means that you can learn from video instruction, live interaction with an instructor, or written examples with templates you can follow. Whatever your learning preferences are, you have options! 




Develop Your Core Skills



Core calligraphy skills include: 

- Holding the pen or marker at an angle that creates the desired look

- Developing pen control and steady hands

- Leading the nib instead of pushing it

- Learning to make parallel curves and lines





When you’re developing your skills, be sure to take your time, practice consistently, and don’t give up, even if things don’t come easily to you! 





Mr. Pen has the perfect dual brush pens to get you started!




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