School's Out, Summer's In!

School's Out, Summer's In! 

3 Activities You'll Have to Try With Your Friends!


School’s out! Summer’s in! This means it’s time to have fun, with friends and family alike. While you can always go to the beach, or even host a pool party, there are plenty of other activities you can do as well with the help of Mr. Pen! 

Check out these 3 cool ideas to try with your friends and family this summer:

1) Sidewalk Chalk 

What could be more fun than hanging out on your neighborhood sidewalk? Sidewalk chalk is a great summer activity for you and your friends to do together.

It’s also a great way to take advantage of those hot summer days. Use your Mr. Pen Sidewalk Chalk to create funky designs, play hopscotch, or make sidewalk art for your friends and neighbors to see! 

2) Paint With Friends 

For an activity you can do together, consider painting. Use Mr. Pen’s Watercolor Paint Set to create a beautiful piece of art you and your friends can hang on your walls for years to come. 

You can do this activity inside or outside, and use your imagination to make your paintings come to life! 

And if painting doesn’t sound like your thing, try painting with a twist! Use your fingers instead to create some really cool finger painting art.

3) Scrapbooking 

Create a project that displays your creativity and cherishes your most fun memories. 

Scrapbooking will allow you to share important moments in your life with you and your friends, while also letting your creativity SORE! You can keep it a secret while designing your scrapbook, or work on it together. 

Mr. Pen has loads of stickers, scissors, and glue to bring your scrapbook to life! And don’t forget pictures! 

Share it with them after you’ve completed it, so they can see how much time and effort you put into it and remember - be creative! 

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