Top 5 Colored Pencil Sets You Can Order Right Now From Amazon

From Watercolor Pencils to Woodless Ones, Check Out Our List of Favorite Colored Pencils for Your Need

Mr. Pen
Best Value
Best Seller
Arteza Crayola Koh-I-Noor
Key points This set of highly-affordable colored pencils with decent quality and variety can be a great choice for users who don’t need too many different colors on their desks. If you are a more experienced user willing to get a set of colored pencils with a wide variety of colors, stored in an elegantly designed case, this product is for you. This pack of colored pencils gives you a decent variety of versatile pencils that can replace both your normal pencils and watercolor at the same time. If you’re looking for a compact set of colored pencils with acceptable quality for your little one, this 10-piece set can be an excellent choice. If you are specifically looking for a set of woodless colored pencils to color larger areas faster, this set gives you 24 colored pencils for your need.
Positives This pack consists of 36 colored pencils with enough variety for lots of different users and high-quality lead material, all for a very affordable price. This set of colored pencils contains 180 different colors for more experienced artists. They are also packed in a high-quality metal case for safer storage. Due to the water-solubility, these pencils are double-action, acting as both colored pencils and watercolor if used alongside water. They are also packed in an easy-to-carry tube. This is a compact set that contains 10 primary colors which are enough for little kids to draw and color. The erasability allows the children to easily remove and correct their mistakes. The colored pencils in this set are minimally designed while giving the user the option to take advantage of the all-lead core to color from small details to large areas.
Negatives There are no color names printed on the barrels. Also some users complained about the hardness of the wood, making the sharpening a bit difficult. Different shades of a color are not noticeably different and in each color group, pencils exhibit almost identical colors. The lead also tends to break while sharpening. The watercolor feature is not as premium as promised by the product. The colors lack vibrancy and don’t blend well as desired. These pencils are not very rich in color and the color marks are dull. Also they don’t erase thoroughly after a while. They also lack the necessary sturdiness for children’s use. These woodless pencils are fragile and can easily break. Some users reported that these items arrived already shattered and unusable.

Pretty much everyone enjoys drawing and coloring, and thanks to the popularity of adult coloring books, this pastime has seen a resurgence in recent years. Whether you’re a coloring book enthusiast, a beginner, or an experienced artist, having the best coloring pencils is key. There are so many different types of colored pencils on the market these days that finding the right set for your project can be a daunting task. In fact, not all pencils are created equal – some are better for blending and shading, while others are more suited for outlining and detail work. So, how do you find the perfect set of colored pencils that will give you the best results? In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular colored pencils and determine which ones are the best for artists and hobbyists alike. We will also discuss what makes these particular colored pencils stand out from the competition. So, if you're looking for a new set of colored pencils to add to your collection, read on!

⦁ Mr. Pen 36-Pack Colored Pencils

This set consists of 36 colored pencils with high-quality leads. The leads in these colored pencils which are pre-sharpened out of the box measure 3.3 mm thick and are housed in a round durable wooden casing. The binding agent used along with the pigment is wax material which makes the leads leave rich, smooth color traces on the paper and enables you to apply multiple layers of color without smearing or looking dull. Also, the color in this type of pencil is fade-resistant that lasts a lot longer. This set of colored pencils comes in a compact cardboard box.

⦁ Soucolor 180-Pack Professional Colored Pencils

This professional set contains 180 colored pencils for adults and experienced artists. Pencils feature relatively thick and soft leads that measure 4 mm to prevent breakage and provide a convenient coloring experience. Each pencil has a round barrel design with its color name and number printed on it to help distinguish colors more easily. Pencils are organized in 6 plastic trays that stack on each other in a premium metal box for more secure storage. There are also holes on the sides of each tray to help the user lift every tray out of the box with their fingers.

⦁ Arteza 48-Pack Watercolor Pencils

This set includes 48 colored pencils with a watercolor function. These pencils can be used either dry like regular colored pencils or alongside water to create a watercolor effect. Each pencil has a soft, water-soluble lead with 3.7 mm thickness, is rich in pigments, and is encased in lightweight wood. The shape of the barrel is an ergonomic triangle and the name and code of each color are printed on it to easily find the right color. These pencils are packed in a tube for secure storage.

⦁ Crayola 10-Pack Erasable Pencils for Kids

This pack of colored pencils which is designed for kids contains 10 pencils with round barrels. The colors included are red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, sky blue, blue, violet, black, and brown. The name of each color is also printed on the attractively designed barrels to help distinguish the colors easily. These colored pencils are erasable and each features a color-matched eraser at the end to help children correct their mistakes while drawing and coloring. This set comes in a compact cardboard box.

⦁ Koh-I-Noor 24-Pack Woodless Colored Pencils

This pack includes a 24 set of colored pencils, designed uniquely without any wood casings. The whole body of these pencils is made of lead material, with a lacquered cover around the barrel to protect the thick core and keep the user's hands clean from any color stains while using. This woodless design allows the user to take advantage of a lead with a larger diameter so that they can use the tip to color a bigger area in a shorter time, while still providing the user with a pointy tip for coloring more detailed spots. This set of pencils is packed in a cardboard box.

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