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Halloween Squishy Toys, 3 Pack

Halloween Squishy Toys, 3 Pack

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  • Triple the Treat: Each pack contains 3 distinct dolls, providing varied designs and ensuring thrice the fun during your spooky celebrations.
  • Spooky Fun Design: Elevate your Halloween spirit with this pack of 3 whimsically designed dolls, each showcasing a unique, entertaining Halloween theme, perfect for seasonal décor or play.
  • Interactive Feature: Delight in the dolls' quirky blowgun mechanism—give them a squeeze and watch as they playfully blow, providing both surprise and laughter.
  • Compact & Durable: Crafted to be both robust and conveniently sized, Mr. Pen dolls are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and ease of storage after the Halloween season.
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3+ years, CPSIA: No Warning Applicable: With safety as a priority, the dolls are made using non-toxic materials, making them suitable for both Halloween-loving kids and adults alike.
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