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Mr. Pen- Christmas Stockings, 4 Pack, 18" Cable Knit Stockings for Christmas

Mr. Pen- Christmas Stockings, 4 Pack, 18" Cable Knit Stockings for Christmas

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  • Discover the enchantment of the festive season with Mr. Pen Christmas stockings, a collection of 4 intricately designed pieces, each radiating the holiday spirit in rich hues of red, cream, and khaki.
  • Woven with precision from premium acrylic yarn, these stockings epitomize a harmonious blend of classic warmth and enduring resilience, promising to be a cherished part of your festive tradition.
  • With a lavish 18-inch length, these stockings are not just ornamental but functional, offering abundant space to be generously filled with an assortment of delightful gifts and surprises.
  • The timeless design, complemented by the vibrant, festive colors, is skillfully crafted to accentuate any holiday decor, rendering these stockings an indispensable adornment for the Yuletide celebrations.
  • Engineered to retain their aesthetic and structural integrity, the choice of robust acrylic yarn assures that these charming pieces will grace your holiday ambiance, maintaining their allure for countless seasons.
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