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Mr. Pen- Double Headed Picture Hanging Nails, 50 Pack, Silver

Mr. Pen- Double Headed Picture Hanging Nails, 50 Pack, Silver

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  • This package includes 50 double-headed picture hanging nails, plus a convenient storage box for easy organization and storage when not in use.
  • Mr. Pen double-headed picture hanging nails are made of zinc alloy, durable, and not easy to corrode, making them perfect for long-term use; each is compact in size, measuring approx. 0.8 inches in length.
  • The double-headed design makes it easier to hang heavier items on the wall without damaging the surface or leaving large holes from traditional nails or screws; each nail can securely support up to five pounds of weight on the wall without slipping or falling off.
  • Mr. Pen small head hanging nails are ideal for any home or office space; they can be used to hang pictures, photos, paintings, clocks, ornaments, and many other objects with ease and aesthetic appeal.
  • The top of the double-headed picture hanging nails feature a flat head design that allows you to tap them into walls with minimal effort quickly; this helps you save time while avoiding damage to your walls, allowing you to create beautiful displays without leaving a lasting impact behind.
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