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Slime Charms, 100 pcs, Resin Charms

Slime Charms, 100 pcs, Resin Charms

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Slime charms are an excellent way to make your homemade slimes more exciting and cute. With 100 pieces of diverse shapes such as candy, chocolate, cake, cookie, fruits, lollipops, flowers, and animals– you can create a truly unique masterpiece!
Mr. Pen slime charms are made from a high-quality material that is non-toxic and perfectly safe for kids to play with. This means that you can trust that your child won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals or substances when using the charms for their slime creations.
These slime charms can be used for making DIY works such as hairpins or sewings and for accessories such as phone embellishments! These decorations will add a bit of color and fun to any craft project that you want to work on.
Working with slime charms is an excellent, fun, and great learning activity for children. Through this activity, they can develop their creativity and imagination while having fun at the same time.
Mr. Pen slime charms are a great way to add a fun and vibrant touch to any party setting. They make excellent decorations and can also be used as prizes for games and activities - adding an extra layer of excitement and interactivity to the event.
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