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Sticky Noted Gift Box, 305 pcs, Pastel Colors

Sticky Noted Gift Box, 305 pcs, Pastel Colors

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  • The package boasts a collection of sticky notes to cater to various needs, including 100 sheets of round sticky notes for quick annotations, 100 sheets of square sticky notes for versatile note-taking, and 100 sheets of "to-do list" sticky notes to help prioritize and organize your tasks.
  • Enhance your notes with the set of 5 felt tip pens included. Each pen showcases a unique color, allowing for differentiation, creativity, and a splash of vibrancy in your writing.
  • The varied sticky note formats ensure you have the right note for the right task, making it easier to categorize, highlight, and manage your tasks and notes.
  • The high-quality felt tip pens provide a smooth and precise writing experience, perfect for doodling, writing, or even sketching.
  • Whether you're in the office, at school, or working from home, Mr. Pen sticky note set offers a comprehensive solution for note-taking, organizing, and color-coding, ensuring you stay on top of your tasks with style and ease.
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